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A Chic Bohemian Barbie Wedding Vibe

Imagine stepping into a world where time stands still, where the past seamlessly intertwines with the present, and where elegance meets bohemian charm. Picture yourself walking through the grand halls of Stapleford Park Hotel, a stately country house that exudes timeless beauty and class. Now, envision this captivating backdrop as the setting for a boho Barbie styled shoot, brought to life by the talented QueenyBee & Co and Team.

The QueenyBee & Co brand breathes life into the iconic Barbie character, infusing her with their whimsical and bohemian style. It's a match made in heaven, where magic and imagination collide.

Imagine wandering through the estate, encountering the most exquisite details at every turn. Pink fluffy pampas grass sways in the gentle breeze, adding a touch of softness and femininity to the surroundings. Dried and faux florals in all their eclectic glory create a tapestry of colors and textures, symbolizing the free spirit that defines the bohemian aesthetic. Macramé material backdrops add another layer of enchantment, whispering stories of far-off lands and carefree dreams.

QueenyBee & Co partnered with Hiden Floral Design, Styling and Stationary to style and bring the Bohemian Dream Barbie Wedding alive, along with a bespoke designed cake by the talented Live life, Eat Cake.

Your in a world where every moment is a carefully crafted masterpiece, where beauty exists in every flicker of light and every brushstroke of color. A world where the essence of chic elegance is captured not only in the images we see, but also in the very atmosphere that surrounds us.

Today, I want to introduce you to a stunning creation that embodies this world of timeless beauty - the Boho Barbie Bespoke Hand Painted Candles. These extraordinary candles are not just ordinary wax and wick; they are a true work of art. Each one is meticulously hand-painted with exquisite designs by Home Made Mummy Designs, that transcend the boundaries of what a candle can be.

Bohemian Dream Wedding Dress

And then there it is, the centerpiece of the shoot, the bohemian fringe wedding dress. Like a work of art, it hangs delicately on its hanger, beckoning you to touch the intricate fringe and marvel at its uniqueness. The Pixie wedding dress is a masterpiece, with its chic silhouette and backless detail giving it an unparalleled allure. Designed by the talented Kate Fearnley and available at the prestigious Dress Me Pretty Bridal Boutique, it encapsulates the essence of bohemian beauty.

Sweet Melody - Harriet Flather Musician

As you explore the estate, the ethereal sound of a harp fills the air, weaving a melody that transports you to another world. Harriet Flather, a professional harp musician, adds a touch of magic to the scene, creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere. Her music sets the stage for an unforgettable experience, making every moment of the wedding celebration truly memorable.

But a wedding is not just about the visuals and the music; it is about the ceremony itself, the moment when two souls come together in eternal love. My Perfect Ceremony, the experts in crafting bespoke ceremonies, ensure that every word spoken is a reflection of the couple's unique love story. It is a ceremony that touches the hearts of all who witness it, leaving an indelible mark in their memories.

And what is a bohemian-inspired wedding without the perfect beauty look? Look no further than Hayley Standen Bridal Hair & Make - Up, and BrowWow Salon Boutique Rushden Lakes the Creative Hair, Make- Up & Nails who nailed the Boho Barbie brief. The bride is a vision of boho chic, with dewy skin, soft pink tones, flowing hair, and floral accents that add a whimsical touch. The talented hair and makeup artists bring the bride's natural beauty to the forefront, creating a look that is both ethereal and captivating.

Sustainable Designs & Styling

But as we revel in the beauty of this bohemian Barbie-inspired shoot, it is essential to remember the importance of sustainability and ethics. Every decision made throughout the shoot reflects a commitment to reducing waste and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Dried, faux, and preserved florals are chosen to minimize waste, with the ability to repurpose or donate. Handcrafted props made from wood and MDF can be repurposed for every wedding or event, minimizing the need for new materials. Organic linens, ribbons, and fabrics sourced from reputable boutiques and wholesalers ensure that ethical and organic materials are embraced whenever possible.

Behind The Lenses - Rapid Image UK, Photography & Videography

Of course, no celebration is complete without capturing the essence of the day through images and videos. Rapid Image UK, known for their ability to tell stories through their lenses, ensures that every moment is beautifully preserved, serving as a testament to the love and artistry that brought the shoot to life.

Boho Barbie Shoot Team

1 .QueenyBee & Co Produced, Design Concept, Styling & Floral Design

2. Stapleford Park - Venue

3. HidenFloral Design & Styling Contributed: Styling , Floral design, Stationary & Signs

4.Rapid Image UK Contributed: Photography & Videography

5. Dress Me Pretty Bridal Room Contributed: Wedding Dresses

6. lovelifeeatcake Contributed: Wedding Cake

7. Hayley Standen Hair & Make Up .Contributed: Bridal Hair & Make Up

8. Brow Wow Rushden Lakes Contributed: Hair & Nails

9. ASOS Purchased Grooms Suite & Devils Advocate Velvet Hot Pink Bowtie

10.Models - Harry Knight & Tiger May

11. Harriet flather musician Contributed: Uk Wedding Harpist

12.My Perfect Ceremony Contributed: - Celebrant

13. Home Made Mummy Designs Contributed: - personalised hand painted candle

14. Purchased: Gemar - Balloons - Purchased: Sustainability Industry leaders Biodegradable latex balloons

15. Free People - Purchased - Cynthia Rowley Roller Boots

And that's A Wrap, Thank you to our readers and the wonderful shoot team.

If you would like to work with us for your Wedding or Event, get in touch to discuss your Bohemian Dream!

Exclusive Design - Planning - Styling - Florals


Charlie AKA Queeny Bee xoxo

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