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Dreaming Of Your Classic Boho Wedding?

We have 6 Top Tips to Get You Started...

We all love the Classic Boho Wedding Style, but most couples feel overwhelmed when starting the Design process, we have so many couples come to us not knowing how to achieve the desired end results, and that's where we step in. I've created 6 Tips to help you get started on your Journey.

Here are some top tips for styling a Classic Boho Wedding:

Tip #1 - Choose a natural and earthy color palette, such as shades of green, brown, and cream.

Tip #2 - Incorporate natural elements like wood, greenery, and wildflowers into your decor.

Tip #3 - Use vintage or bohemian-inspired furniture, such as macrame backdrops, mismatched chairs, and Persian rugs.

Tip #4 - Add some whimsy with dreamcatchers, feathers, and hanging lanterns.

Tip #5 - Have fun with your fashion choices, such as flowing dresses, flower crowns, and barefoot sandals.

Tip #6 - Create a relaxed and casual atmosphere by serving street food meals and setting up cozy lounge areas.

Remember, the key to a Boho chic wedding is to embrace a free-spirited and laid-back vibe while still maintaining a sense of elegance and style.

Let QueenyBee & Co. help turn your Classic Boho wedding dreams into reality! With our expert styling, you'll have the enjoyable experience of working with a seasoned professional to create an unforgettable event. Get ready for an amazing journey!

Our 2024/25 Diary is open, Save your date with us email: today and join our tribe.

Your QueenyBee - Creating a Buzz on your Wedding Day! xoxo

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