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Unveiling the Romantic Chic Bohemian Style; A Conversation with House of Boemia Bridal Boutique

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of wedding fashion, the romantic chic bohemian style has continued to capture the hearts of brides-to-be. To dive deeper into this captivating trend, I sat down with Bethany and Lauren, the talented duo behind House of Boemia Bridal. With their expertise and passion for all things boho, they shared their top picks for 2024 and gave us a glimpse into what makes their brand truly special.

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Get Comfortable, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

1 (Q) So lovely to have you here on our blog, we would love to learn more about your story, background on the boutique, and why you chose to niche within the boho community?

(A) " Our friendship blossomed when we worked together for another bridal company. The boutique that Lauren and I worked in several years ago was immersed in the traditional bridal industry. However, we found that the lack of unique features and variety in the dresses prevented brides from truly expressing their individuality. Our shared passion for boho aesthetics and our personal experiences led us to venture into the niche market within the boho community."

During my own wedding two years ago, I wholeheartedly embraced the boho style. From the rustic winery in Cornwall to the presence of adorable goats, every aspect of my wedding exuded a romantic bohemian vibe. However, I encountered a significant challenge, I couldn't find the perfect bohemian wedding dress. Instead, I settled for a large, glamorous princess gown that failed to align with my wedding theme, style, and personal identity. This experience compelled us to ensure that no other bride would face a similar disappointment.

At our boutique, we prioritise matching our dresses with our brides' personalities and creative selves. We believe that a wedding dress should be a reflection of a bride's unique taste and inner spirit. With the brides we have worked with so far, we have strived to provide stunning dresses that capture the essence of romantic boho chic, allowing brides to fully embrace their individuality on their special day".

2 (Q) Your top bohemian dream wedding dress recomendations for 2024, and why?

(A) 1, Auttie - Boêmia In House - @house.of.boêmia.bridal

The floral lace in Auttie is where all the magic is. If whimsical was a dress this would be it.

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We love how magical and fairy like brides look in this spectacular dress. The sheerness of the sleeves really stands out, you are covered up while still showing skin. It’s a magical emerging trend for 2024.

2, Lavender - Sophie Rose @Sophierosebridal

Lavender is the perfect wedding dress if cottage-core is your soul’s aesthetic.

She has some elegant little frills with polka dot fabric. This dress is for you if dancing in a hay field with the wind in your hair makes you feel at home.

3, Cosmos - Sophie Rose @Sophierose3,bridal

You get a lot of Polka dot boho wedding dresses but what makes Cosmos so different is that her fabric is so soft and lightweight.  

Cosmos is a unique style while still being very sweet and elegant with a touch of drama. 

Betty is a beautiful cream dress that complements almost every skin tone.

photography @katherine_and_her_camera

Her sleeves are both fun and flattering, instilling a sense of fairy-like charm. When paired with a flower bouquet, the sleeves add a touch of dramatic flair to complete the look. Betty's unique personality is what sets her apart.

Bespoke by Boêmia In House & Elizabeth Van Stone Dressmaker - We collaborated with the incredibly talented dressmaker, Elizabeth, to create the Bespoke collection. What makes this collection truly special is that brides have the opportunity to mix and match different shapes and styles within the dresses. Moreover, they can select from a wide range of fabrics to design a one-of-a-kind wedding dress that speaks to their individual tastes and preferences.

3, (Q) Tell us share with us your bridal boutique experience for our brides?

(A) "At our boutique, we operate by appointment only. This allows us to create a cozy and comfortable environment for our brides while offering an exclusive experience. When you choose our boutique to start your wedding dress search, you can expect a fun and personalized journey from beginning to end. We believe in providing a customizable experience, enabling you to walk away with a one-of-a-kind wedding dress through our bespoke options.

We proudly stock the fabulous designer Sophie Rose, who is based in Hampshire. Her collection offers a beautiful range of dresses with the option to swap fabrics and incorporate bespoke elements. If you love the shape of one dress but are drawn to the fabric of another, Sophie can bring your vision to life.

Likewise, our in-house collection follows a similar philosophy. You have the freedom to mix and match different shapes and fabrics to create a dress that is uniquely yours. To further enhance the customization process, we offer a collection of sample sleeves, skirts, and tops. This provides you with the opportunity to experiment and combine different elements to achieve your desired look.

Throughout your time at our boutique, we strive to provide a welcoming and attentive experience. Our goal is to ensure that you feel heard, supported, and excited as we work together to find your dream wedding dress".

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4, (Q) Tell us about any special features or awards recognising your work?

(A) "We are incredibly proud to share that we received an award within the first five months of opening our bridal boutique. We were honored with the New Business of the Year 2023 award by the Winchester Business Excellence Awards. We proudly display our trophy on our desk as a testament to our commitment and dedication".

5. (Q) Congragulations on your award, such a great achievement! What would be your top tips for our Bohemian Queens?

(A) When it comes to choosing the right dress for your wedding, we have one simple but powerful tip: "Listen to your soul." As the bride, you are the one who matters the most, even if someone else is helping finance your dress. Only you truly understand your personality and style. If you find a dress you love, even if it doesn't align with others' preferences, try not to let their opinions sway you. Meeting their expectations is not your job. What truly matters is how beautiful and confident you feel in the dress. Trust your instincts and choose a dress that speaks to your soul.

An additional tip we would offer is to focus on finding the right shape first. Once you have a silhouette that flatters your figure and makes you feel amazing, all the other little details will naturally fall into place. The shape sets the foundation, allowing you to build upon it with the elements that reflect your personal style and preferences.

6, (Q) Finally, how far afield do brides come from to visit the boutique?

(A) In terms of how far brides have travelled to come to visit us then we have had some people come down from London and further afield throughout the UK, but when it comes to where our brides are getting married, that’s completely all over. From a rusty orange desert in America to a mountain top glacier in New Zealand. 

photography - @lucypoulakiphotography

Bethany and Lauren, you have been a Bohemian Dream guest on our blog. Both girls are thrilled to have had the opportunity to share their insights and trends for bohemian wedding dress styles in 2024. They are passionate about helping brides find their perfect dress that embodies their unique style and personality. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. It has been a pleasure.

Instagram - @House.of.boemia.bridal 


The Old Chapel,

The Dean, 

New Alresford, 


SO24 9BQ


To all our Bohohemian Brides, hope you enjoyed meeting Bethany & Lauren, who are highly recommended by QueenyBee&Co, I've added links for you to get in touch.

Your QueenBee, Charlie xoxo


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